SEO tip: Forum Posting and Profiling

I would like to share you again a SEO tip. I would like to share to you what I learn as a SEO link builder. Recently, I shared to you on how to do comment on blogs. This time, I would like to share on how to post on forum and make a profile.

Advantage of Forum are the following:
1. Most of the link posted are dofollow.
2. You can use it as a forum signature

Disadvantage of Forum are the following:
1. Spam
2. Banned
3. Restricted
4. Registration Approval

There are some forum sites that need to approve before you can post on the forum. There are also some that you can put a link if you reach to post a 5-20 approved and member for several days.

But be patient, as my Team Leader said. I should register first and after one day or several day, it's the time you post.

Some forums support BBCODE or forum code but there are some also not.

How to post a link on a forum?

1. Whenever you want to put a link on the forum thread all you need is to use the BBCODE.

[url=URL]keyword[/url] or;

2. Forum Signature - one of my favorite because you don't need to relate your reply with your site. eg. your niche is all about internet and you post on the forum which is related to animal.

Everytime you post a new thread or reply, your forum signature will display automatically. Use the BBCODE to make a forum signature.

3. Forum Profiling - you don't need to post a new thread or reply but all you need is to post a link to your forum profile. Some forum allows to display your public profile without logon but there are some don't allow it but they are just few of them. A little chance to banned on the forum site compare to post a new thread or reply to the forum thread.

Forum Posting and Profiling is another SEO tip that use for optimize your website or blog site. Most of the situation, you will be banned after a day or weeks after you post a new thread or reply to the thread topic and your email address or IP address will banned to other forums site.

Another SEO tip, use different proxy everytime you register to prevent IP banned.

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