SEO and Blogging Tip: Search Engine and Search Engine Results

Let’s start first the definition of Search Engine and how it works and how they evaluated the web page or any online resources before we go to the deeper world of Search Engine.

What is Search Engine?
            Search Engine is tools that inventory content of the web-based on criteria that the searches are looking for. That content can be a form of a web page, videos, image or any other form of online resources. 
After we define the meaning of Search Engine let’s start dive deeper to the world of Search Engine.

Actually, there are three types of Search Engine namely, crawler, human-powered, and hybrid.

3 Types of Search Engines:

-          Use automated software that visits a website and looks for the keywords and Meta tags of each page. Example of search engine belongs to this type is .
-          People submit information that is indexed and cataloged. They use actual people to evaluate the website. Example of search engine belongs to this type is 

-          Is the combination of crawlers and human-powered. They use spiders or automated software and human interaction. Example of search engine belongs to this type is 

We already know the definition and types of search engine. It’s time to find the kinds of search results that related to search engine. Of course, we use the search engine, so we also the search results. 

There are two kinds of search engine results and these are paid or inorganic and organic search results.
SEO: Organic and Inorganic Search Results

Organic Search Results can be found at the left of the search results page and it’s totally free. It’s the time where SEO works for this kind of search result. While paid or Inorganic Search Results shown up at the right side or even at the top of organic results.

According to the research, it’s proven that most of the people have more focus primarily on the top of organic results before they look unto the paid search results. To succeed on the Organic Search Results, do a lot of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to be on top and got a lot of attention of users. For inorganic search results is to pay to the advertising company to advertise depend on the keywords. Just apply to the Google Adword if you want to do inorganic process.

Most of the people focus more on organic results than inorganic results. Most of the people have more focus at the top of the search engine results or maybe at the top 10 search results.  Only few users visit the 4th to 5th page search results. To be on top of search results all you need is to do a lot of SEO. 

Tips for success for inorganic:
  1. Be creative and use a common word. 
  2. Don’t give up. When you noticed that you’re not getting many visitors directly to your site. Try changing the title or subtitle or try using different keywords. 
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