How to find forum in your niche?

I stated that forum posting or forum profiling is one of my Internet and Blogging Tips: My Top 10 Blogging SEO tips. It's really hard to find a forum because when you search your keyword. Little chance that the search results is a forum site.

Now, I would like to share to you on how to find forum in your niche for forum commenting. Let's find a forum that fit in your niche with this simple syntax

"keyword" +forum *+vbulletin
             The +vbulletin can be change to +phpbb, +invision, +smf, +ubb.

+vbulletin, +phpbb, +invision, +smf, and +ubb are the forum platform.

"SEO tips" "keyword" +forum +vbulletin
If you want to add a specific domain extensions like for country: .uk, .pl, .nl, .dk and many more. Just add this syntax: +site: .us

 "SEO tips" "keyword" +forum +vbulletin
With this syntax, you can find a thread or post from a forum site that talk about seo tips that support vbulletin platform with the domain extension of .us.

Another syntax,

  1. keyword inurl:forum
  2. keyword inurl:board
  3. keyword inurl: phpbb
  4. keyword inurl:viewtopic 
Again, if you want to show a specific domain extionsion just add +site: to the syntax. It's very simple to find with your niche, right?

If you want to find a forum in your niche for forum profiling,

You can use also this syntax:
keyword "powered by smf" inurl:/forums
                    The powered by smf can be change to powered by phpbb.

Tips: Try to browse the site and click a sample member. If the member page is viewable without log-in. It's time to register but if you can't view it, just skip it.

Hope you find a forum in your niche too? This tips can be use of you have a SEO job.

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  1. hey plz help me.. i don't find my niche forum... my niche is in tutorials, leadership coaching/training and in confidence book.. now plz tell me how i find forums on these 3 topics.. plz help me.. its very important for me to find forums on tese topics.

    1. keyword inurl:forum
      keyword inurl:board
      keyword inurl: phpbb
      keyword inurl:viewtopic

      This would be a big help. If you need help.. contact me


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