Determine if Nofollow and Dofollow in Google Chrome

Before I install the Google Chrome, I used first the Mozilla Firefox browser to do some SEO tasks. Mozilla has a lot of extensions/plug-in/add-on for your Firefox browser. That's why I used Nodofollow extensions/add-on in my Firefox browser.

It's really to used since, all you need to do is to do right-click and select NoDofollow and after that, you can determine if it's dofollow or nofollow links. Blue color are dofollow while the pink one are nofollow links.

Since I downloaded the Google Chrome, I must also look some extensions of Google Chrome for SEO purposes.

Good thing I found Google Chrome Nofollow Checker. It's much easier to used since after you download it on your Google Chrome browser. It will automatically determine if the link is dofollow or nofollow. 

Google Chrome Nofollow Checker has this descrption "Simple Nofollow highlighter". So, if the links is not been highlighted it mean it it's a dofollow link. 

You will see this if the link is nofollow:

Look how it easy to used the Google Chrome Nofollow Checker. You can install it here.

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  1. It depends, If you commented with the disqus comment form it definitely a nofollow links.


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