How to get traffic from your image?

I was looking for my analytics reports in Google. I checked my blog analytics every week if my blog increase the traffic.

In Google Analytics, you can see the popular post or page on your blog. You can also view how many views every week, day, month and all-time. Another, you can see the audience of your blog. What browser and operating system used. And last, is the traffic sources. I will be happy if most of my traffic sources is came from search engine because it will determine to your that your post/blog was indexed by Google.

In traffic source sections in Google Analytics you can see the referring urls and the keywords used. And I was shocked that most of the referring urls was image results. Which determine that everytime users such an image with that keyword, the image I used in my blog was indexed by Google. And it results to me a WEBSITE TRAFFIC.

But how I do it that google indexed my images? The answer is easy simple. I put an ALT tags every image I put on my blog.

Sample my image is Google Search Results. My ALT tags would be "Google Search Results". So everytime users will search an image of Google Search Results. My image will be visible on the search results and it brings me a traffic. Very easy right? You just put an ALT tag every image you posted on your blog.

But where to put the ALT tags? Again, just edit the HTML of your blog post.

Just find the IMG tag to <img></img>. If you know this tag, it's very easy to put manipulate that IMG tag.

Sample IMG tag with ALT tag:

<img alt="sample alt tag" src="img url"></img> 

Another tutorial on how to get traffic from your image is by the filename itself.
Example: if your image is about Subterranean River in Palawan .
The suggested filenames would be:

  • "subterraneanriverinpalawan.jpg"
  • "puertoprincesasubterraneanriver.png"
  • "new7wondersubterraneanriver.jpg"

This tutorial will guide you on how to get traffic from your image.
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