SEO and Blogging Tips: Pay-per-Click (Sponsored Ads)

I recently post about Search Engine and Search Results. I stated there the kinds of Search Results namely, organic search results and inorganic search results. I highly recommended for organic search results because you only do SEO and not money because according to research, users have more focus on the organic search results rather than paid or inorganic search results.

When your site belongs to business category, I will recommend to do also Pay-per-Click (Sponsored Ads) for your site. Sponsored Ads can be a powerful way to market your site and products Online. 

Google Adwords (the name Google gives its sponsored ad program) has made it simple and thanks to the use of keywords (words that your potential customers would use to search in Google) you can localize your advertising online for better than any offline advertising campaign.

For business site, advertising is very important and effective way to promote you website or products. That’s the reason why company still do an offline advertising such as TV, Newspaper, Radio, Flyer ads because of the effectiveness. Do online advertising if you do business online because your target customers are the people use internet.

One way to advertise your product or website is by applying Google Adwords. Here’s how it works. A person searches a certain word or phrase; you will pay to be shown in the result page. You will only be charged if the searcher actually clicks on your sponsored link in the search result not just appearing on the result page. 

Difference between “pay-per-click” and “cost-per-click”.

Pay-per-click and cost-per-click is commonly used when discussing Google Adwords. Pay-per-Click means you only pay a charge if someone clicked on your ads, and cost-per-click is the cost when someone clicked on your ad. 

If you’re going to use sponsored links, my suggestion is to focus a specific keyword phrase as appose to generic, broad phrases.

Once you’ve decided on the keywords that you want your ad to appear on Google and the budget you are willing to spend. Each sponsored link is given space in the search results.

3 Parts of Sponsored Link ad.
1. Title
2. Subtitle/description/content – Be descriptive and state exactly of who you are.
3. Link of your site.

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