SEO and Blogging Tips: Page Title and Choosing Domain Name for your Website

In my post “My Top 10 Blogging SEO Tips”, I listed there my top 10 SEO tips that might help for optimizing your website and the 6th is the Blog Name and Page Title.

Why it’s important?
Page Title is very important because it’s the one who easiest way that search engine seen. It’s the can the description of the site.One way to SEO tool to optimize your website and get rank by Google.

Where Page Title visible?
Page title can be found at the top of browser each time you visit a website. See the image below.

Tip: I preferably used the description for my page title. It should have at least 10 maximum words.
Page Title can be also found at search results.
For Google,

For Yahoo,

Now, let’s take a look for the domain name. Domain name is a very important key tool for SEO.  Your domain name is your website address, or as we like to call it, your “virtual storefront”. It consists of the name of your web site and its extension.,,, are example of domain names.

The most common extension for a domain name is .com. But there are lot of extensions available for a domain name. . Other extensions are .edu, .gov, .int, .mil, .net, .org, .info, .name, .me, .tv.

Some extensions are having restrictions. For school instution you should use .edu, entertainment business use .tv, for non-for-profit organization use .org, government entities use .gov. Some other extensions are according to country and it composes of two-letter extensions. Samples are .ph for Philippines, .hk for Hongkong, .uk for United Kingdom, .us for United States, .tv for Tuvalu.

Now, we are done for choosing the right extension for your domain name. Let’s now choose the right domain name. Your domain name should be also a short description for your website. Sample, if your website is more focus on SEO Tips it’s better to choose a domain name related to the niche. You can use so that whenever a searcher the keyword “seo tips”, Google can put you on the first page of the search result.

Don’t makes your domain name too long because it can’t be fun to type and difficult to remember. And if choose a domain try to check to to check if your chosen domain name is still available.

This SEO tip article is created by Jomar Is Me.

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