SEO and Blogging Tips: How to build an anchor tags

This time, I would like to give you a tutorial and tips for blogging. In blogging, it is also important that their's someone reading and relate what you posted. And the most important is the win the search engine game. You must me on the first page when searcher or user search a certain word which is called keyword.

Keyword is very important in blogging and SEO. I will teach you another SEO Tips and Blogging Tips. When someone search the keywords, your website must me on the first page. One way to generate backlinks for your site is using the anchor text.

Anchor text is very helpful when you want to create a backlinks. You can put an anchor text to your blog post, forums, blog commenting, image, blog roll.

Anchor text is very easy to learn and easy to use. Anchor text must me related to your keyword or much better if you use you keyword as an anchor tags.

Anchor text or Anchor tags is the word with a link. Sample, SEO Tip.

Here how to create an anchor text:
1. Images.
Be sure to create an alt tags. ALT tags can be also called a anchor text. Most of us didn't notice that ALT tags in image is very important to win in a search engine game. Your ALT tags, must be the keywords in a form of sentence. Example, your image was describing in photoshop while your keyword is tutorial my ALT tags will be "Photoshop Tutorial". Some of my traffic source is from my image which I put an ALT tags.

2. Blog Commenting
Blog Commenting is what I like in SEO. I used to read and post a comment with my link and anchor tags.  How do I insert anchor tags or anchor text to my blog comment? When I comment on a blog, I will ensure that my keywords should be inserted in my blog comment.

My sample blog comment, " Thanks for sharing your SEO Tip to us. It really helpful to all bloggers. Looking forward for another tips". SEO Tip is my keyword, now i must create an anchor tags using my keyword SEO Tip. SEO Tip. When you're done commenting, you must see the word SEO Tip with a link of my url site. There are some instance in some blog site that when you comment they will need your Name, Email, and Website URL. I suggest to put the keyword as your name and Website URL is your URL.

3. Forum Posting.
It is easy to create backlinks, you can use the anchor text as your signature or shown on your profile page. When you reply or post a new thread, backlinks created also.

4. Blog Post
You can include your keyword and make it as an anchor text. Like what I did most of the time. Just link the keyword to your site to create backlinks.

5. Blog Roll
Most blogger exchange their links to each other. Most bloggers are confident that when another blogger put his link to their blog is helpful. Although, it really helps but the point to use a keyword when exchanging link. You must contact the blogger that when he put your link to his blog roll, he must use keyword. It's more helpful than putting your link as normal and generated automatically by blog platform.

Hope you enjoy my new Blogging and SEO Tips.
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  1. Google has also punished sites that have 90% of their links with anchor text. Therefore, SEO companies are now having to re-think their link building strategies, ensuring that all links acquired are from relevant sites .


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