SEO and Blogging Tips: Keywords - most important thing in SEO

I listed my Top 10 SEO Blogging Tips and also shared the purpose of SEO to your website. And one of the Top 10 SEO Tips i've shared is the keywords.

Keyword is the one we used when we search using search engine. According to dictionary, keywords is a word with great significance and used for indexing.

Matching the keyword of what people type in the search engine field from your niche blog or website is a big challenge for all website or blog site owner.

Your keyword is the word that you want to index a search engine. If your website keyword is SEO tips, it should be shown on the first or second page of the search results.

Where can you find the keyword of the website?

Here are some spots:
1. Title of the Page
2. Blog or Website Name
3. Substitle of the site
4. URL of the site (URL also called website address).
5. Content - Put a keyword in the first, middle, last paragraph. You can do a anchor text for your keyword.
6. Post title or Article Title
7. Site Description
8. Source code of the website - easiest way to find the list of keywords.

How to view the keyword from the source code of the website?

If you want the easiest way to find the list of keywords of a site just press "Ctrl + U" or click View Tab (found in navigation Menu Area) then click "Page Source" for Mozilla Browser. For Internet Explorer users, click View tab then click Source.

Now you will see the page source and find this tag and found between header tag.

What's the purpose of keywords?

The purpose of creating a keyword list is to enable search engine to understand what your website is all about. Without the list of keywords, engines will scan the whole website to look for a keywords.

Prioritizing your keywords list is a council elements to win the search engine game. The search engine are going to pay more attention to the words or phrase that appear first.

Tutorial or Tip in creating Keywords.

You Must have at least 1-10 keywords to focus to have more time to optimize and win the search engine game.

Making a keyword list for back-end?

1. List of 15-25 keywords as safe range.
2. Keyword can be phrased.
3. Don't repeat keywords.
4. Words can be repeated as phrases. Eg. seo tips, seo tutorial, blogging seo, seo tricks.

Link to me and use the anchor text SEO Tips or SEO Tutorial.

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