SEO Tip and Blogging Tips: Meta Tags for your Website

Let me also share to you another SEO tips or tutorials. After I give a tips on how to choose a keyword, anchor tags, page title, search engine, pay-per-click(adword). I've also shared some of the list of blog directories, and my top 10 SEO and blogging tips.

Now, maybe its time to share what is "Meta Tag". Meta tags is not visible on the web page itself but visible at the source code of the page.

3 Types of Meta Tags:

1.Keywords - Your specific keywords
2.Description - Description of your website. You can also insert your important keywords.
3. Author - If you think that it's not helpful when optimizing your website. Actually, it help also because when someone search your first name and when your site was land on the first page. It can help because they will also curious about the site.

How to see the source code of the site?

Firefox snd Netscape users, press CTRL plus U or click View on the Menu tab of the mozilla browser then click Page Source.

Safari users, press CTRL + Alt + U or see the picture where to click.

This 3 types of meta tags can help to optimize your website and shown on the page results.

If you don't know on how to make a meta tags for yoir website, let me guide you.

For description meta tags,
For keyword meta tags,
For author meta tags,

Thanks and God Bless all!

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