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All bloggers do comment to other blogs whether it's relevant or not. If we say relevant blog, the blog that you are commented to is similar niche with your niche.

Some bloggers are aware about this but some are that because what SEO is. Blog commenting is part if SEO and it helps to bring traffic to your site and might help to earn money.

Bloggers know about SEO do comment to other relevant blogs but bloggers don't know about SEO do comment to blogs whether relevant or not.

For the information of bloggers, doing blog commenting is just doing SEO to your site. But some bloggers don't know how to comment to optimize their blogs.

I will give a little tutorial and tips on how to comment that might help to gain traffic and rank your blog/s.

1. When you do comment better to include your keywords with the link of your blog site with the use of


Sample Comment

I read this blog post because this blog really teach from basic to advance <a href="URL">tutorial and tips</a>.

2. Some blog comment form has a textbox for Name, Email, and Website URL and lastly the comment body. I suggest to put on the Name textbox with your keyword and put the URL of your website to the Website URL textbox. Do it especially it is a dofollow blog.

Hope this post to all bloggers.
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