A simple way to SEO your Facebook fan page

Facebook is one of the leading social network site in this generation. We can use the this tool to gain traffic to your website. 

Some tools that we can use to in gaining traffic direct  to your website is the Like button, share button, facebook page and more. In talking to Facebook Page, we can do also SEO to your website Facebook Page.

A simple tips, if you have a website or blog i suggest to make a facebook page to gain more traffic. Now, let me discuss to you a simple way to SEO your facebook fan page.

1. Choose a good Facebook Page name - Facebook Page name will serve as your SEO title. I suggest to include a keyword to your facebook page name. E.G your website is all about designs and your website title is Best Design Collections in Photoshop. As soon as possible, you can also use your Blog Title as your facebook name to make branding. You can choose a long facebook name as long as the standard length is just 70 characters.

2. Write a good description to your page - ABOUT description of your fan page will serve as your meta description. Add as soon as possible a high density keyword. One of the many ways to SEO your facebook page.

 3. Facebook Page URL - this is one of best way to SEO your fan page. You should think the good fan page url since you can't change it anymore as long as you set the fan page url. Remmeber, you can set only a facebook url when you reach the 25 likes. Again, choose the url that fit to your branding. As soon as possible, you could include keyword. Sample, http://www.facebook.com/bestdesigncollection, http://www.facebook.com/top10onthelist. As you can see, keyword was included on the facebook page url.

4. Add photos, events description - when you add photos on fan page better to include description. Again, put a keyword that relate to the pictures. 

5. Post a direct links your facebook page stream - to SEO your fan page, put a direct link to your website. 

There are two ways to post a links to your facebook page stream. 
1. RAW URL - how to SEO your fan page by this? Include directly your url with a short description which include your keywords. 

 2. ATTACH LINK - When putting the attach link it will automatically generate a keyword. Then, add a short description. Look at the image below to show sample. 

As you can see, when you attach the link it will automaticall generate the title and they just add a description of the attach link. "Pagedata is a great site for Facebook Page stats and info."

6. Facebook Fan Page updates - when you do a facebook fan page updates better to include the keyword on your updates. Again, you should include the keyword between the 18 characters. A one way to SEO your facebook page.

7. Get more Facebook Fans - imagine if you have 100-500 likes on facebook fan page. When you use the above seo tips for your facebook page. Keywords are spread into their designated walls. 

photos credit to: labho.com and insidefacebook.com
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