Shorten Urls: Good or Bad for SEO?

Shorten URLS is good or bad?

You've probably known and heard about shorten urls. Most of the common shorten urls are, and a lot more. Shortening urls was exist for a couple of years.Do you know you could get also money from shortening urls? Yeah, you heard it right. There are some shortening urls websites that pays and maybe some knows it. Some shorten urls that gives money to they users are and

But this shortening url services is good or bad for SEO?

Let me discuss to you whether shortening urls is good or bad for SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optiimization so meaning we are optimizing our website to be visible on search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engine we have right now.

The way to SEO our website is create backlinks by putting our links to blog, forums and other. On the definition itself we need to create backlinks with the link of our website. Then, does shorten urls is the link of your website? Maybe yes because it will redirect to your website but totally it's not since you are not creating backlinks. You just building a visitors in doing shorten urls.

In article marketing, we need to put some of our blog post within our article post. That's creating a backlinks right? Since you're linking your blog post within your blog post. If we search on google with the keyword we can see that we can see the direct link of your website. So if we used shorten urls in linking to our blog posts  no backlinks created on your site.

Where to used shorten urls to our blog posts?

If you have a downloading site, it's probably the best option to put the shorten urls of your download link. Just used the download here or button with the link of the download link with the used of shorten urls. You can used and to monetize with it since many users are downloading files online. Shorten urls also can be used to twitter to minimize the long url of the blog posts. Since, the number usage of twitter to convert your followers to visitors not backlinks.

Again, we create backlinks with the original link of the website and not putting shorten urls. Again, we need to used the shorten urls carefully and wisely.

Hope I helped to make you understand if shorten urls is good or bad for seo.
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