My 2nd Blog Award: The Liebster Blog

I do blogging because I want to share and money has a part of it. I started a blog with no specific niche, just a random topics but mostly current events. 

After I attended several blogging summit and blog camps, I learned from that you should have a specific niche to be a successful blogger. After the Blog Camp that was held in Cebu, I decided to start from the start with a niche.

And now, my blog is all about SEO and Blogging Tutorial and Tips and most probably internet. I'm not good in SEO(Search Engine Optimization) but needed to gain a page rank and traffic.

I started to comment to other blogs and usually do networking with other bloggers. And for that, it helps to improved my ranking as a blogger though not much but still I'm improving. That's the important.

Now, I started to joined a blog contest and first contest blog award fit I joined was the "Best Cebu Blog" last 2010. And luckily, I got the 20th spot of the award. But not satisfied because I'm on that position because of the likes of my entry from Facebook.

So this second blog award, I received is a very surprising since I never expected to received it when One Pack Guy commented one of my post that says I got an award. The award is "THE LIEBSTER BLOG". If you are curious what Liebster mean, well it is a Greek word that means “favorite” in english. 

This award will help me to motivate to be active in blogging. Although, I'm not good in grammar but I'm still improving. Sorry for the wrong grammar in every post I've made. :D

If you want to read this award or tagged from One Pack Guy: Read it here:The Liebster Blog. Thanks One Pack Guy for this!.
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