How to make Facebook Landing Page?

Most of the bloggers have a Facebook Page for their blog or even personal page. Some have a landing page for their Facebook Page.

At first, I thought I would pay to have a landing page for my facebook page but I was wrong because I made my landing page. To view my landing page: Click Here.

Now, let me teach on how to make a landing page for your blog. It's not easy but if you just follow the instructions carefully. You can get the best result better than me if you know some Photoshop.

First, you need to make your own Picture or poster for your landing page. You can use some editors online like Pickup, if you don't know Adobe Photoshop. Personally, I'm having time to make my simple and weird poster since I just have a little knowledge in Photoshop.

After, you make the picture for your landing page. Upload it to your File Manager(for those have domain) or any image hosting online except imageshock. I suggest you upload it to photobucket. Then copy the direct link of the image and save it to the notepad first. Then,you are now ready to do the next step.

Steps on how to make Facebook Landing Page:
1. Go to your Facebook Fan Page
2. Click Edit Page
3. Click the Apps
4. If you see Static FBML, proceed to step 7. If not, search "STATIC FBML
5. Click Add to my Page > Choose the page you want to add landing page. Then go to your page,
6. Repeat Step 2 and Step 3
7. you must see this, Click Go to Application
8. Then put this code

<img src="direct link from photobucket">. 

Other options, if you want to have a link to your website. Go to Upload the image you made then Start Mapping Your Image. 
Using the rectangle tool, select the area where you want to insert the link and add the URL where you want it to point. Repeat this action with as many links you want on your image.
Once you are done adding your links to the image, click on “Get Code”, you will get a few options. On the top navigation, select the CSS Code and copy it. We’re taking this puppy out of here for one last step before we head to Facebook.
Then, change the Box Title to "WELCOME". Then Save.

9. Back to your page, repeat step 2.

10. On the Default Landing Tab, Change it to "WELCOME" and Save Changes.

And you're done! Hope this post will help you on how to make Facebook Landing Page?.
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