How to check your website backlinks?

As a blogger or website owner, it is very important to know how many backlinks do we have. Why? It's because backlinks would help to gain more traffic and increase the website rank in Google or any search engine. As they said, the more backlinks we have the more chance to win the search engine game.

But before I will teach you how to check your website backlinks, let us first determine the definition of backlinks. In my own opinion, backlinks is the link or web address that our website link can be found whether it came from forum, blogs, social bookmarking sites or any sites as long our link is visible and not hidden.

Sample: One of my backlink is (enlarge the image)

Since, my link is present on the site  (enlarge the image)

Note: our link can also have an anchor text or anchor tags

Now, I would share to you how to checked website backlinks. It's very simple but yet helpful to you.
1. Go to Yahoo Search.
2. Put this on the search text field: or

Another option is use this site or BACKLINKWATCH.

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