Reset Security Code

Do you know Security Code and the MasterCode?

Lately, i insert my new Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card to my Nokia 7260. I forgot that I change the setting of the security level to phone.

 But when I insert the new SIM card I need to input the security code but unfortunately I forgot the security code.

What I did?

I search on the net using Google and type the keyword "Reset Security Code".

Click the first link or go directly to

What is needed? 
Serial Number or Serial Code or IMEI

How to get the Serial Code?

Type in your mobile phone "
*#06#" and it will automatically display your serial code or number of your phone.

Then write it down or just go to this link to input your serial number

Put your serial number and click the button and it will display the master Code of your Phone.

After you get the Master Code write it down.

There are two options to do:
1. Go to "Restore Factory Settings" and enter the master code you get earlier. (this option can be applied only if you have old SIM that you inserted before).
2. Insert your new SIM card and when it needs to enter your security code just input the master code you get earlier instead the security code. Then you can now change and restore the settings.

Done! Change the security code after restore it. When you input the security code input 1234 and change your new security code.

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