FriendsForSale Coin Finder

Hey guys..Did you play Friends For Sale in Facebook and want to have money.?


3.FFS for greasemonkey script


i modified the userscript to move to a different profile when it did not find any coin.
changes are in bold

// ==UserScript==
// @name           Friends For Sale Coin Finder
// @namespace      FriendsForSale
// @description    CoinFinder
// @include*
// @author     Raymond Go Ho
// Friends For Sale Coin Bot
// Buy me to thank me::
// Thank you for using this!!
// jQuery Loader is authored by Joan Piedra:
// Thanks Joan for making the wonderful script
// ==/UserScript==

// Add jQuery
var GM_JQ = document.createElement('script');
GM_JQ.src = '';
GM_JQ.type = 'text/javascript';

// Check if jQuery's loaded

function GM_wait() {
if(typeof unsafeWindow.jQuery == 'undefined') { window.setTimeout(GM_wait,100); }
else { $ = unsafeWindow.jQuery; letsJQuery(); }

// All your GM code must be inside this functio
function letsJQuery() {
// Find out if the coin on the website.
// Note that querySelectorAll is only available in Firefox 3.5 and above
var coin = document.querySelectorAll("#app7019261521_hover_container > [id^=app7019261521_the_coin]");
if (coin.length == 1) {
var c = coin[0].firstChild;
var value = parseInt($(c).text());
// 500k - 999k is a mock value, FFS use it to detect bots
if (value >= 500 && value <= 999) {
} else {
window.location = c.href;
} else if (coin.length == 0) {
var prev = document.querySelector("a.prev");
window.location = prev;
window.setTimeout("window.location.reload();", 1000);


5. paste into the edit code and press save

6. then go to the profile your friends in ffs...

7.if you cannot buy my ffs profile just hit thanks here
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