How to do Mental Telepathy

What exactly is mental telepathy? Before we can give serious consideration to how to do mental telepathy, we first have to determine exactly what mental telepathy is. The term refers to a transfer or transportation of feelings, thoughts or emotions from one person to another. Your five senses namely sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch are all used during this form of communication.

Forms of telepathy- There are four forms of telepathy namely latent, precognitive, emotive and super conscious telepathy.

Types of mental telepathy- Two types of mental telepathy can be identified, depending upon sender and receiver location. Global telepathy refers to a transfer of thoughts, feelings or emotions from one person to another without physically seeing each other. The communication can range in distance from a couple of street blocks apart to a location on the other side of the world. The other telepathy type is Sight telepathy which refers to communication without actual exchange of words, only by means of logical thoughts and instructions.

How to actually do telepathy- The more you practice this form of communication, the easier it will be. Get someone whom you totally trust and who is willing to go on the non-verbal journey with you. Agree on a specific time of day which you will open your minds totally and communicate to one another your thoughts, feelings and emotions. One of you of course being sender and the other receiver of the information. Start with short, uncomplicated messages such as a name or colour. The more seasoned telepather you become, the more complicated and detailed your messages can be.

Relaxation- Relaxation during the communication process is absolutely essential. The more stressed and forced the transfer of information the more difficult it will be to develop and achieve full telepathic communication.

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