Want To Buy China Phone?

Are you the one who want to buy phone in a cheap price but many features and packages?. Want to buy a phone which the same features is to the branded phone?Want to buy phone with the same range of price but more features to the branded brand? WoW!/ It's a China Phone!.

Before you plan to buy it. Let me give a little information of what is China Phone is as you read further!.

Many if the Asian people commonly use the China Phone. But there is a big questions to be commonly asked,"Is the China Phone is a Quality Phone?". The Questions maybe answered for further reading.

Obviously, China Phone is a product and made in China. We can can't say the quality of he product of their product. Most of the China Phone is emitted, which means they can copy the physical attributes of the original and branded phone. They can copy it but they can't copy the quality. Maybe, the keypad of the China Phone is harder to press. But they have a phone product which is not emitted and have more features compare to the original and branded phone with the same price range.

Like what I have now, the model of the phone is ZT 892. This model have has this features and packages.

  • SMS
  • MMS
  • GPRS
  • Alarm
  • Calculator
  • Games
  • Video
  • Camera
  • Media Player
  • .txt Reader/E-Book Reader
  • 247 mb MicroSD/T-Flash Card
  • Store up to 500 contacts
  • Schedule/Calendar
  • World Clock
  • MP3 Player
  • Bluetooth
  • Call Record
  • FM Radio
  • USB cable
  • Headset
  • Touch Screen
  • Dual Sim
  • 2 batteries
And the cost of the phone is only P 3,900 or $83. Now, compare to the branded phone with the same price range. What it is features?.

It is not the end!
Now, we should the good and bad side of the China Phone:
  • More features than to branded phone with the same price range.
  • Phone Speaker
- the volume 1 of the China Phone is the same with the volume 5 of branded phone. Imagine!
  • Dual Sim
- you can insert two sim
  • The light of the screen is brighter
  • Can store 500 contacts.
  • You will never experience Low Battery, cause it has 2 batteries.
  • Easy to destroy
- but it only depend hwo the user of the phone care it. My phone has been fall down many times more than 10 times. But it is still function. An I'm using it for almost a year.
  • Printing Pictures
- you can't print the pictures using bluetooth.
  • Touch Screen Sensivity
  • Pictures
  • Pairing Bluetooth Devices
- it will ask a passcode in order to pair devices

After reading it, What is your decision? are you going to buy?

Buy Online!at Alibaba.com. Pay them by Western Union and Paypal..
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