As the legend comes to life, we bring you the A to Z of Dragon Ball, from the hit anime series down to live-action flick!

A – Akira Toriyama, who drew for the games Chrono Trigger and Dragon Quest,
is the well-known creator of one of our favorite anime series of all time!

B – Babidi is the really mean villain who made Majin Buu. What makes him even bad is that he convinced Vegeta to betray his friends at one point in the series.

C – Chow Yun Fat, the legendary actor and martial artist, stars as Master Roshi in the Hollywood movie version of Dragonball. And if there’s anybody who knows the martial arts, it’s gotta be him.

D – Dragon Balls – There’s seven of them and that’s where the name of the hit anime came from. Go ahead and catch ‘em all!

E – Evolution is the name of the new Dragonball live-action movie. There used to be only Z and GT for the anime, but we now have Evolution for the film. It’s a whole new thing folks!

F – Frieza was one of Goku’s toughest opponents. So to up the ante, we watched the first Super Saiyan appearance in the whole of Dragonball.

G – Goku, Gohan, Goten. Hmmm… we can see a pattern here. Maybe aliens like the letter?

H – Hamasaki Ayumi sang the theme song for the movie, entitled “Rule.” Perfect for what the movie will be when it finally hits the theaters. It’ll definitely rule!

I – Icarus is Gohan’s huge purple dragon friend. And nope, He’s NOT at all related to Barney.

J – Justin Chatwin leads the cast of the Dragonball movie as Goku. He does some real high-flying stunts and even uses Goku’s most popular move, the Kamehameha! Now, how cool is that?!

K – Kamehameha is our fave saiyan’s signature attack! Dragonball wouldn’t surely be complete without it.

L – Launch is a thief who became Master Roshi’s maid. Also, she turns into a sweet, innocent girl when she sneezes.

M – Majin Buu was supposed to be the strongest enemy that our favorite saiyans will ever have to face in the anime series. But he turned from baddie to goodie in the end and even reincarnated into Uub.

N – Nameks are the creators of the Dragonballs. Piccolo and Dende are from that alien race.

O – Oolong, the comedic pig, is also a villain-turned-friend to our hero pals. He can shapeshift at will, but he can do it for only five minutes at a time.

P – Paozu Mountain is where you can find Goku’s house. He was raised there by Grandpa Gohan and he still lives there with his family. Drop by for a visit some time!

Q – Quests are an essential part of any story, and Dragonball tells us about one single quest that happens every year: The Quest for the Dragonballs!

R – Roshi, or Master Roshi, as he is known to Dragonball fans, is Goku’s naughty and very funny mentor. Shave your head, wear sunglasses and a turtle shell, and you’re nearly set.

S – Shenron is the mystical dragon that grants wishes. If you want to meet him and make that one wish, all you have to do is to find all seven Dragonballs.

T – Tien Shinhan is just like Yamcha who was at first, a bad guy, but then became one of Goku’s best buds. One thing you’ll immediately notice about him is his third eye!

U – Uub is Majin Buu’s reincarnated form. But don’t you worry! He ain’t bad anymore and Goku’s training him to be the universe’s next protector.

V – Vegeta is the universe’s second most powerful being next to Goku. And he just keeps getting stronger! Our fave Saiyan’s eternal rival and ally-- he may be snobbish, but he’s really a good guy. Honest!

W – James Wong directs the first live-action movie about Dragonball. The much-awaited flick is set to come out this month-- so watch out for it!

X – Xing Long or Super Yi Xing Long is the final boss in the Dragonball GT series. When Syn Shenron absorbs all the Dragonballs, he becomes nearly invincible. In the end, though, it’s the good guys who still win!

Y – Yamcha is played by Korean actor, Joon Park, in the movie. He is a bandit in both the anime and the Hollywood adaptation, but he eventually turns into a good guy!

Z – The Z warriors are what the Earth’s protectors in the Dragonball series call themselves. They’re made up of all the good guys in the whole anime!

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