Tablet Competition: Dell to Release New Tablet in Late 2012

Tablets have been booming in popularity for quite some time now, with companies rolling out their tablets at ever increasing speed. While tablets certainly aren’t the newest thing around, as they’ve been on the radar since 2010, it seems that 2012 is definitely becoming the year of tablet competition.

Dell Jumps in the Ring

One company that is finally throwing their hat into the ring and getting into the tablet game is Dell, Inc. Dell has not released a single tablet during the massive tablet boom, but has finally upped their game and announced that they will release their first one ever shortly, just in time for Holiday 2012.

Beyond PCs

Dell has long been a bigwig when it comes to PCs, but as more users than ever are turning to tablets instead of traditional desktops, Dell had to do something to get in the game. According to leaders at Dell, they wanted to really do their research and ensure that they had a quality product that customers would really respond to. As they saw with many of their competitors, putting out a hastily thrown together device would not only fail to draw in consumers, but would also go against everything that the company stands for.

So, they waited. They researched and developed, then researched some more and redeveloped. They saw other companies trying to compete with the Apple iPad and failing miserably. They knew that if they wanted to go toe-to-toe with the giant of tablets, they needed to give it some time and see what the mistakes were. Seeing how customers reacted to the many tablets on the market was eye-opening for Dell and helped them to work harder to hone their product, according to leaders at the company.

Windows 8 or Android? 

While they would not comment on whether or not they would use Microsoft’s Windows 8 or Google Inc.’s Android as the operating system for this new tablet, they alluded to the fact that both are options they are weighing.

Leaders stressed that what differentiates the Dell tablet from the iPad is that it will take into account the needs of business users, something they believe that Apple has not necessarily done. Company leaders explained in a press conference in September of 2012 that they will work at ensuring their tablet is compatible with the business marketplace.

Look for the Dell tablet to hit the shelves soon. Could it possibly compete against the iPad or the other tablets out there that customers are responding to? Only time will tell.

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