Installing Ubuntu for your PC

install ubuntu for your PC

Ubuntu, one of the worlds’s most preferred open source operating system was released around 7 years back. With its own unique features and User Interface, this OS has made few users leave the rest and have only Ubuntu installed on their computers. And, if you want to be one of those and install Ubuntu on your computer, the following tutorial may prove useful.

Ubuntu can be installed on any computer either from a CD or from a flash drive. Let’s check them out one-by-one.

Installing from a CD:

1. It’s easier to install Ubuntu from a CD than from a flash drive. Begin by restarting your machine after you insert your Ubuntu CD in the optical drive.
2. As it boots, simply press the key which is allotted to boot your optical drive. In some system it may be the first Function key, the escape or the twelfth function key.
3. Now, here’s a trick – once your CD loads for installation, you can see some small logos in the screen. Press any key and a new window will pop up asking you to specify your preferred language. Once specified, the installer will throw you certain options that ask you whether you want to check out Ubuntu without installing, install now and check defects on the disc.
4. If you have a memory higher than 512 MB, you can select the option Check out Ubuntu without installing. This allows you to perform some tasks like surfing the web and check emails as you try the Ubuntu.
5. If you have a memory of 256 MB or less, it is suggested that you select the option - Install!
6. Once you click the install button, the launcher starts immediately. Now, this is where you will arrive if you would have not pressed any keys at the logo screen.
7. The installer as usual, will ask for your preferred language and will scan the system for compatibility. It even scans for an available internet connection either through wireless or through a LAN as it updates its package before installation. If you don’t have an internet connection, you can still configure them later.
8. Next, it asks you to specify whether you want to install Ubuntu alongside other Operating Systems, replace the current version of your OS or create a new partition and proceed towards installation.
9. Select the first option if you wish to have a multiple boot option for your computer; and if you have adequate knowledge about drive partitioning and formatting, you can select any one from the other two options.
10. That was the last stage of installer configuration. Post this, the installation begins and as it installs it asks you to personalize your settings which includes specifying the keyboard layout, username registration, selecting a display picture and importing previous account information.
11. The installation continues, but now it shows you a slideshow of all the Ubuntu features until it completes the installation.
12. Based on the speed of your computer, the installation may last from anywhere between half to one hour and once it’s over, the system reboots and you will have your Ubuntu installed!

Installing from a USB drive:

            It is recommended that you use a flash drive with 4 GB or higher capacity and further make sure that before you install Ubuntu on your flash drive, backup every data present in it. Using any USB installer software, transfer the bootable Ubuntu installer file on your flash drive.

1. Once done, all you need to do is attach the flash drive to any of the recognized USB ports and boot them just like you did with the optical disc.
2. The installer will launch and the rest of the process is very much the same.

Once the installation completes and the system reboots, you will be able to use Ubuntu and all its features.

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