Does the blogger template is important?

Blogger Templates is maybe one of the aspect that you're visitors are looking up to. I observed that most of the answers that we want is now on blog so that's why blogging is growing. Many blogger and blogs created in every second.
Blogger Template

As an internet user, one of the aspect that I look up to is the template. They are many reason why we should also focus on templates sometimes. If you're using Blogger platform search for a blogger template and if you're a wordpress user, search for a wordpress theme user. Since I'm using on blogger platform, I'm more focus on Blogger Templates

Here are some reason why bloggers should also focused on theme. 

1. Niche - Find your niche and look for the blogger templates that fit to your niche. Example, you niche is game  of course you need a blogger templates that theme of the template is game instead using a pinkish template.
2. Loading Performance - there are some blogger templates that performs not so good in terms of loading your page because of the image, javascript.
3. Online earning - if you're goal why you blog is to earn money from adsense. I suggest to look for a blogger template that are adsense ready. There are many templates that the feature is adsense ready.
4. Professianalism - if you're niche of your blog is business.. Look for a blogger templates that looks professional to increase the credibility of your blog site.
5. SEO Friendly - some blogger template are not SEO friendly. 

Please also comment about my theme so that I know what my readers want to see on my design. Just leave your comments below. 

After reading some reason and stating some of the reason why we should also focused for the template, I could say that Blogger Templates is important. So, answer to the question "Does the blogger template is important?" is definitely yes.. :)
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  1. Hi Jomar! All cited above is right!  I also look on the design of every website that I visit. For me it is considered as an audience impact. Also, I noticed that I stayed longer to a website that has a good web design.

    About your theme:
    I think there is a compatibilty issue in your menu bar
    Logo is not blending very well in your header BG.
    Improve sidebar management.

  2. Wow! Very Nice comment about my template. I would love to consider your suggestion because what' important to me is the readers suggestions. I would try to change my template design if I would time.:)

  3. Nice informative post !Thanks for reminding us such a useful information here..Great job done keep it up..
    PSD to WordPress


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