How to Complaint Copyrighted Blogger Blogs?

Seeing your blog post copied by other blogs without knowing or credentials that you originally posted the blog post is very annoying and irritating. You made your original content but someone copied your post. I hate those copyrighted blogs and it need to be stop and be deleted.

For me, it's fine to get someone ideas of other blogs. Actually, everytime I post I would really search on it and make my original content because Google love to crawl orignal content. The most important of it to make your original content. Maybe it's fine with me if someone copied your blog post with your credentials that you own the original content. 

Lately, I check my backlinks of my blog and one blog got my attention why I have backlinks on that blog since I never put a comments or even try to be a guest post. It got my attention since the blog post title was the same as mine. So, I checked the blog and was shocked that he/she copied my whole blog post including the blog post title and even the image. I rechecked his/her other blog post and I discovered my that he copied 26 blog posts with the same content, positions of image, links within the article without the credits to the owners.

So, I really disappointed that they are some bloggers just copied the blog post with my original content.Actually, it's not the first time I saw copyrighted blog post from my blogs. I ask to myself, why would not try to create their own blog posts? But before taking action, I look for some contact information like Contact Us Page, email, or any contact information of the infringing blog to delete the blog post he/she copied on my blog but since I can't find any contact information of that blog owner I decided to report the blog to Google.

Now, let me teach you how to complaint copyrighted blogger blogs?
  1. Log-in  to your Google (Gmail) account
  2. Go here
  3. Under "What Google product does your request relate to?", choose Blogger/Blogspot.
  4. In next column, specify the nature of your request.
  5. Choose "I have found content that may violate my copyright".
  6. In next column, choose whether you're copyright owner or authorized to act on owner's behalf.
  7. Read the Important notice and after reading, check Yes under "I have read the above and wish to proceed".
  8. Choose your infringing work, choose Text.
  9. Again read the following instructions before continue.
  10. After reading instructions, click on "this form" written in last line of instructions.
  11. Under "Complainant's information", provide your correct information.
  12. Under "Your Copyrighted Work":
    • Under "Where can we see an authorized example of the work?", mention your copyright URL (one per line) like (in case of Blogger)
    • Describe about your copyrighted work under "Identify and describe the copyrighted work".
  13. Under "Allegedly Infringing Material",
  14. Under "Sworn Statements", check both fields.
  15. Put your signature and read the "Account Disabling" section.
  16. Click Submit and you've done.
  17. You will receive a confirmation email and Blogger team will reply to you within 2-3 business days.
  18. During this time process, Blogger team will ask owner of infringing URLs owner remove infringement contents otherwise Google may remove the whole blog from search and even can suspend the site as they mentioned in "Account Disabling" section.
  Note: Before complaining to Blogger team, contact the infringing blog to delete the blog post copied.

Hope, I helped you on how to complaint copyrighted blogger blogs.. :) Cheers!
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