How to Enable Facebook Timeline?

Facebook are keep updating. From the video call, to comment preview, tagging and now the latest was the Facebook TimelineFacebook Timeline was announced first at the company's f8 conference last September 29, 2011.

When they first announced, people are eager on how to enable Facebook Timeline. Good thing about blogs, they are updated. People look on it and find it on a blog on that past settings of Facebook Timeline.

I remember when I set my Facebook Timeline, I followed almost 10 steps on how to enable Facebook Timeline. Either way they are now finally up and willing to let the entire world have their shinny new Facebook Timeline.

Now, let me give the easiest way on how to enable Facebook Timeline. Why easiest? Because you only need to follow 2 Steps. Sounds good right? Enable Facebook Timeline now and enjoy!

Steps on how to enable Facebook Timeline:

Step 1:  Activate Timeline

Go to the Facebook Timeline presentation page. Click "Get Timeline".

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On that settings, you can only see your timeline for just 7 days. You only have 7 days to delete or hide the status, photos.

Step 2: Publish Facebook Timeline

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You're done! It's very easy steps on how to enable Facebook Timeline, right? 

To look my Facebook Timeline: visit

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