Worth the Wait

Worth the wait: Be patient and use your HP coupon on that computer

You want a new computer, but the prices are just out of your reach. If you wait for the right time or find an HP coupon, you know your purchase will be that much sweeter. The problem is, your love for gadgets has turned into a love for instant gratification. You want the newest stuff now, no matter what it does to your pocketbook. If you can follow a few simple strategies, you’ll be paying less for the gadgets you want most. 

Get computer deals

The biggest purchases are often the hardest ones to get a good deal on. That said, you’re probably going to be shelling out a decent amount of cash for a computer, so there’s a lot of room for discounts. The computer guys have it figured out and think you should wait for spring to get a good discount. The people who make the chips and such that go into the computers usually release their new products in January, so there’s an influx of new computers in spring time. More supply equals less cost for you, so keep an eye out during this time. Like we said before, you can also find coupons for most brands, so stay on the lookout for those as well. If you can double down and use a coupon during a good sale, you’ll save more money than you ever imagined possible. 

Upgrade your gaming for less

If you’re a gamer, you know that most companies don’t follow a strict release schedule for their new consoles. When they do decide it’s time for an update, you’re going to know a bit in advance, however. Take Microsoft and Nintendo, two companies that are likely releasing new versions of their popular systems early next year. You probably won’t be able to score a huge deal on the newest and best stuff, but you can bet your last dollar (or a few hundred) that the older versions are going to go on deep discount right after the new releases. If you get good enough at the waiting game, you’ll score a perfectly playable system for less. 

Watch it on the big screen

Quick, name some great things about February! You might have remembered Groundhog Day and some romantics might have said Valentine’s Day, but did you know it’s also the best time to start looking for deals on a new TV? In February, stores are starting to get new models in, and the holiday rush is dying down, so not as many people are shopping for big-ticket items. This works to your advantage because you can usually find or negotiate a super discount on an older (but still cutting edge) model, so they can free up some space for the newer stuff. You’ll also benefit from checking out this decision assistance tool to help you figure out if it’s the right time or not.

The more you plan for your gadget purchases, the better off you’ll be. And remember, waiting is always good!

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