Choosing Niche for your blog.

Blogging is very wide and still growing since internet user are also growing. Some bloggers do blog because they want to earn money from it because a lot of articles from successful bloggers earn a lot of bucks of money because of their blogs.Yes, bloggers earned a lot of dollars from it but it doesn't mean that when you blog you earn money quickly. Blogging is like a job that we should work a lot to become successful bloggers. If you're going to ask the successful bloggers, they will just say to you that blogging is not easy but if you're working on it nothing is impossible. 

As a newbie in blogging, you should start from a scratch. Don't aim too much because if you're not doing good on your quoted who might dismay or disappoint or worst quit in blogging. My tips, just think that your blog is the way to share your ideas or just a personal journal.

Most of the successful bloggers are known to their specific niche or topic. The synonym of niche is topic. So, as a newbie I suggest you should start a specific topic. But we start, let me define to your the word niche. I know that choosing niche for your blog is yet so hard for all newbies in blogging. 

What is Niche?
Niche is the main topic of your blog. According to "a place or position suitable or appropriate for a person or thing". 

How to Choose the Best Niche on your Blog?

We should consider a lot of situation in choosing the best niche for your blog. A lot of niche can be chosen but again don't focus to the success of your blog and money.

1. What topics are you interested?

You should list a topics that might get interested in. List as much as you can as long as you're interested or loved the topics. Topics can be broad or not. Sample, if you love to make-up you're niche can be fashion, make-up, beauty blog. 

2. Popularity of the Topic

After you listed your interested topics, it's time to rate the topics by their popularity. The more popular topics are the more harder and challenge. You should consider the readers that might interested of what you've written or shared. 

3. Topic: Growing or Shrinking?

You are now done rating the topics on its popularity. It is important also to know if the topic is growing or shrinking. Keep in mind that popular topics change over time. Right? So it's better to choose a topic that growing than shrinking. If the topic is shrinking, you will be the readers of your blog.

4. Competitors

Obviously, the topics you listed at first step are lesser than the original you've listed. Right? It's because you are now getting close the best niche for your blog. As I've said recently at step 2, the more popular topics is much harder because you have a lot of competitors. I read a blog that he/she blog at first about a certain topic but since a lot of competitors on the topic. He/She switch to another topic which pass the Step 1 to Step 3 and have a fewer competitors. And now he/she is popular on the topic.

5. Niche Content

How would you make a twist on that niche. Observed your competitors what are their style in writing articles/content on their blog. On that situation, you should make your writing style uniquely to others. Don't copy any articles from other blog. It's better to have your own article because when readers see how you write and you have a lot to share to them. 

Another question to be asked, is how seldom you can create an article to your readers. You should also consider the ability to continue sharing an article to them.

Question to be asked if you can continue sharing:

  • Do I have enough content? - if you love the topic, of course you can share a lot.
  • Where can I get ideas? Sometimes, you loss an idea on a topic. I suggest you have a web based tool that you can get ideas. Again, don't copy articles but get an idea on them. 
7. Choose the Niche

Among all topics you listed at first, I know you have a fewer topics to choose. If you get 4 or more topics after the step 6. Repeat the step 2 until you get 1 or 3 results? Why 1-3 topics? Because it might a branch or connected with each other. Sample, you have internet, website, blog. Blog is a website and a website is part of internet. 

Hope after reading this post, you learned from it and you can choose the best niche for your blog. Please leave a comment or share to your friends who might interested in blogging. Thanks!

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