How I gain traffic from Facebook?

Most of bloggers want to have a traffic to their blogs even me also. It is very important to have a website traffic so that many reader or internet users know and understand what are you trying to say.

The more traffic you have the more readers share your post/article to their friends. If you gain traffic, they will know or learn something from your post. Right?

We all know that social media sites help to gain traffic but some don't know yet. This time, I would like to share how to gain traffic from Facebook. Facebook is a very powerful social media sites since it has half-billion users.

1. Group - Groups help to gain traffic especially you belong to the group that has the same niche with your blog. Sample, your blog is all about fitness and you're a member of fitness group. If you share your links to them, they are interested with your shared links since your blog is all about fitness too.

2. Facebook Page - Most of the bloggers make a fan page. Why? Because your followers will have an updates to your post. The more fans you have the more chances you gain traffic. Tried to share your fan page to your friends, groups to gain more fans.

3. NetworkedBlogs - As I observed, most of the bloggers but not all put their NetworkedBlogs apps to their blog. Since, you can follow their blogs and they can follow your blog too. Since you can syndicate your blog to their apps so that every post you made it will automatically published to your page or even a group.

4. Share to your Wall - If you have no groups or page. Share to your wall and your friends will visit it for sure. Try to socialize by adding friends.

5. Twitter Apps - If you have no NetworkedBlogs, connect your Facebook to your Twitter. Tweet your post. Since your Twitter and Facebook are connected, whatever you tweeted on your Twitter it will automatically publish on your wall, page, or groups.

This experienced is mine and really work for me. Try it and might work for you to gain traffic to your website. Hope this post "how i gain traffic from Facebook" can help you to gain website traffic.

Remember: It's not easy to gain traffic.

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