SEO Tip: Link Exchange

It's the first day on August in the year of 2011. I would like to share another SEO tip that might help to improve your blogging skills.

Exchange link is also important to us, bloggers or any website owners. It helps to increase our Page Rank in Google and maybe increase traffic. Because, I personally look for the links that blogger included. I usually visited the blog that they included to their Blog Roll List.

What is Link Exchange?
The meaning was on the name itself. Your link/s will be linked to the other blog and their blog must also link yours. Sample scenario, LINK B to LINK A and LINK A to LINK B where LINK A is your blog.

Their is a group of bloggers in Facebook that I belonged to. One blogger, wrote on the wall of the group that he cleaned his blog roll list because it can affect to your blog page rank.

How to clean your Blog Roll?

It's very simple because you just need to check the blogs under your blog roll list if they included your link to your blog roll list. If they didn't put your link on your blog, maybe it's time to delete their links to your list. As my experience, I visited the blogs on my list and I was shocked that 45% percent of the blogs on my list are error and not found so I decided to delete them.

So better check your blog list now to increase your blog page rank.Currently, my blog rank is PR1 from PR2. I was disappointed of what happen, but they inspire me to work and learn harder on SEO. Instead to increase my blog from PR2 to PR3, it lied down to PR1. So maybe, it helps also to you're my fellow bloggers.

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