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In my own observation, mobile users are increases when new phones was released from different mobile brand company especially when IPhone and IPad. It's not shocking anymore if you can get traffic from mobile users.

As myself, I also used my mobile phones to browse the net if the unsecured WIFI is on. Take note, the WIFI is came from somewhere (hehehe). One day, I decided to visit my blog site to determine how my blog look in mobile. At first, it looks like what I see on usual browser when you use the desktop computers. 

Currently, I decided to visit again and this time. My blog looks good and not so messy. It's very cleaned and organized. And I recall what I did to blog setting I found out that I set my blog template enabled to mobile. 

I also visit other blogs and it looks like the web version. Although, there are also bloggers who set their mobile version already. 

I will just teach this simple tutorial on how to enable the mobile version of your blog template in blogger.

How to Enable Mobile Blog Template?
1. Go to your Dashboard
2. Click the blog
3. Go to Template
4. Select what shown on the image below
Lastly, 5. Select the option "Yes. Show mobile template on mobile devices."

If you already selected, then your blog is now available as mobile version.

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