FarmVille Wall Manager

FarmVille Wall Manager

Do you want to manages farmville wall posts; adopts animals, grabs bouquets, hatches eggs, accepts bonuses, and more? 

Install first Greasemonkey Extension Plugin for Firefox : Install
  • This script automatically grabs bonuses, bouquets, animals, eggs, fuel, xp, presents, collectibles, trees, bushels, and many more things.
  • Each can be disabled by using the options interface  
  • Use the latest stable browser version of your kind. Tested for Firefox and Google Chrome. 
  • Use the Facebook URL Cleaner script for best results.  For Source Code: Facebook Cleaner.
  • Use the Facebook Filter Fix script if you use the fv filter page with the "filter page only" option to help clear up memory and give your fvwm a little better performance. Source Code: Facebook Filter Fix
  • Use this FarmVille Filter URL for the script instead of the homepage.
    Bookmark it, and click the bookmark when you want the script to run.
  • If you want to decrease the chance of freezing and slow downs, install this extension.
  • FlashBlock is always handy for when you don't want to load the game but are brought to the game page.

Download the Script : Farmville Wall Manager

Script Homepage 

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