My President

The Election Day in the Philippines is fast approaching.
This coming election we will vote not only for local but national which means we will vote the following:
1. President
2. Vice-President
3. Senators

This 3 is some of the important officials that we should vote correctly. Because they are the one who will rule our country for six years.

Who is my President?

I will not state my President at this time but I will let you know how I choose my President. I will not vote those Presidentiables that always saying Fight but in his/her political career he/she do nothing even making some efforts of making law. Obviously, this Presidentiable is the one who will make a law in the Philippines. The President should have a track record that he/she make his/her life success with his/her own not because of the family name. The President should have an experience within his/her political career even in short time.

I will not believe to the surveys that have been published by survey company. Because they only ask a small percentage of voters. They only ask a thousands or more respondents for their surveys. The surveys is not accurate because the voters i guess is greater than millions how come that only thousands have been asked, how about the others.

Let's Vote Wisely this coming elections. 1 Vote might be the reason we will have change in our country. Let's Help our Election be Cool and Green

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