Cebu Blog Camp 2010 Experience

Last May 22, 2010, The Cebu Bloggers Society made an events for all Cebu Bloggers not only for Cebu but for other bloggers in the Philippines. The Events is called Cebu Blog Camp 2010 at CAP Theatre. In the history of bloggers, We are proud to say that we are the 1st Cebu Blog Camp 2010.

I came their at 9:00 am in the morning. I happy because the events haven't started yet, so when i came to i get into registration booth. I received a freebies from our sponsors such as Geisler Maclang bag, Mozilla Wristband, Mozilla Sticker, Book from Wilson Ng, Mozilla Pin, Resort Brochures. When i'm inside of the theatre I saw many bloggers. I expected that those bloggers are only from Cebu but i'm shock that their are some bloggers from Cagayan De Oro, Manila, Davao. After a 10 minutes when i came in the events started. We all know that any events that before the events started their is a Flag Ceremony, we actually do that too in the events. Then the Cebu Blog Camp was started after the Flag Ceremony, each bloggers have specific team color. We have a game before the 1st speaker from google started. Each group has been given 5 full pages of newspaper. Those papers should use in designing to our model to his/her outfits. The games is so fun.

Their are many prices from our sponsors like Nokia and many more. Nokia raffle a 2 bloggers who can win a Brand New Cellphone. The Mozilla also gives many Mozilla T-Shirt. And Many cool prizes.

After the events close we have many speakers like a well-known businessman Wilson Ng, from Davao Blogger, Google, Geisler Maclang and many more. We learn a lot from the event. Hope every year Cebu Bloggers Society do it yearly.
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  1. Hi Johmz, thanks for attending the first Cebu Blog Camp 2010 and I'm glad you have enjoyed the event. :)

    Oh, another thing, I'd like to correct some details about CBC. It's the Blog and Soul Movement Cebu Chapter who organized the CBC. :) I hope to see you in the future events of Blog and Soul Cebu :)


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