Naruto - The Juiciest Jutsu

NARUTO - The Juiciest Jutsu

Half the fun in Naruto came from everyones flashy ninja techniques.

BYAKUGAN - Allows a person to see almost 360 degrees around them in every direction!It's great pending off all those pesky attacks.
SHADOW CLONES - You know what they spy. The more, the merrier!Imagine how much fun it would be at parties, too.
SHARINGAN - Just take a long good look at the fancy jutsu everyone else keeps pulling off, and viola! They're ready for you to use But you still have to be savy and skilled enough to pull them off yourself.
CHIDORI - Tilts your hand full of electrifying lightning energy, to zap foes and give them the biggest shock of their lives!
RASENGAN - Creates a high-speed, whirling ball of pure chakra that's sure to dish out major pain an whomever it touches!.
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